Tips to Avoid Sorare Rookie Mistakes

Sorare is a fantasy sports game relatively complex to understand for beginners. Indeed, novices can make several mistakes at the start of their adventure, and therefore possibly lose money. In order to help beginners, we offer here a guide to getting started on Sorare with tips and tricks for a successful adventure on Sorare.

Our advice for beginners on Sorare:

Before you start playing the fantasy game Sorare, discover here our tips for a successful entry into the #1 fantasy sports game!

1. Enjoy a free card thanks to sponsorship

Before registering on, we strongly advise you to get sponsored. Why ? Because after 5 cards purchased at auction you will benefit from a free card offered by Sorare. If you wish, we offer you our Sorare sponsorship link here to get a free card!

2. Clearly define your strategy before investing

The most common mistake made by beginners on Sorare is to spread too much without having a real investment strategy. Indeed, before starting the paying game on Sorare and buying your first player cards, it is essential to clearly define a strategy to optimize your investment. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing your strategy:

  • On which sport(s) do I want to play fantasy on Sorare? 
  • What silver investment can I afford?
  • Do I favor fantasy gaming or trading NFT cards?
  • Which league(s) do I specialize in? 

In summary, defining a strategy before registering and starting your Sorare adventure allows you not to get lost on the platform when you start, and this is essential in order to succeed in this game and earn money!

3. Do not invest all your money on Sorare is a fantasy sports game, and therefore a gambling game. As a result, it is possible to lose your money invested in the game. This is why we strongly advise against investing too much money in the Sorare game, at the risk of putting yourself in financial danger. On the contrary, it is recommended to invest gradually, as your adventure in the game progresses, in order to minimize the risk of errors that can be costly. Finally, please invest a sum of money that you can lose in order to be more serene and calm about your financial investment in Sorare.