You followed our Sorare tutorial for beginners and would you like to start the adventure? So good news because if you haven't yet registered as a Manager Sorare you have the opportunity and the opportunity to win a free football player limited card. How does it work? It is very simple !

How to earn a free Sorare card with sponsorship?

Many new managers missed this opportunity to win a free Sorare player card, me the first, and I regret it. Because once we started our club and bought players by having registered without sponsorship we can no longer take advantage of this promotion incredible unfortunately. So I will explain here in detail how to take advantage of a Sorare sponsorship to win a free football player card.

Use as Sponsor to win a Sorare card for free!

The operation of the sponsorship on SoRare is extremely simple. To take advantage of this promotional offer just click on the referral link then register, or use our sponsor code: 3K3MYA

Once registered on the site, as godsonYou will receive a free Rare player card after purchasing 5 player cards at auction.

Sorare sponsorship in summary:

In summary, to obtain a SoRare card for free with our sponsorship, you just need to:

  1. Register via our referral link below,
  2. use referral code 3K3MYA
  3. Buy 5 player cards through the auction system,
  4. You will then immediately receive a free NFT player card!