Tools & Resources for Sorare Players

In order to optimize his game, and his investment, on the SORARE fantasy platform, there are various tools & resources useful, even essential, for managers. So if you are still a beginner in the Sorare universe, discover below the essential tools and resources to help you play Sorare.

Resource #1: The official SoRare Discord

Better than a forum or any other community on social networks, Discord offers an adequate interface for SoRare players and managers. Why ? Because in the different channels offered by the different Discord servers, there is a lot of information and opportunities that are essential for any good manager:

  • Exchange information on injured players, the transfer window etc.
  • Offer card exchanges, receive exclusive offers from members, etc.
  • Be kept informed of all the news of SoRare and football in general,
  • Discuss, exchange and share with other managers etc.


Resource #2: The website

SorareData is called “ the manager's bible Sorare so essential is this application for Sorare players to optimize and improve their game, their gallery, and their teams. Indeed, SorareData is a website, and a mobile application, which provides all the tools and resources necessary for Sorare players. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the features offered by this platform: 

  • Consult his gallery of players, their prices in real time, and their availability (injuries, suspensions etc.)
  • Search for new players through an advanced scouting interface with many search filters,
  • Consult the results of its players and teams in real time, 
  • Optimize your team compositions thanks to an ultra-complete "LineUp Builder",
  • Analyze in real time the market for auctions and resales of players on the secondary market, etc. 


Resource #3: website

Created by a team of Sorare fantasy game enthusiasts, PlaySharper is a website and mobile application that allows you to discover probable team compositions, as well as predictions on future match results.