Tips for making money on Sorare is a fantasy sports platformer where you can make money, but also lose money if you make too many mistakes. So how do you avoid these mistakes, and make money? How to optimize your investment of money on Sorare to obtain a good return on investment? This is what we will see in detail in this section!

How to make money with Sorare?

On Sorare, it is quite possible to earn money, and that in different ways, that's what we're going to see here.

1. Make money with Sorare tournaments & rewards

This is the most common and classic way to earn money with Sorare. Indeed, depending on your results on the fantasy game, you can win NFT player cards that can be resold for money, or even win a sum of money directly in case of a big performance. .

2. Make money from trading NFT charts on Sorare

On Sorare, in order to participate in paying fantasy tournaments, it is necessary to buy player cards in NFT in order to compose your teams. It is possible to buy these cards at auction directly from Sorare, or from other players on the marketplace. The prices of these players being volatile, depending on their performance in particular, it is therefore quite possible to proceed with the purchase/resale of players in order to generate a profit and earn money.