Presentation of the fantasy game SORARE

What is a fantasy game? This is what we will see in detail in this article.

The concept & principle of the fantasy game

Fantasy is a game of strategy, management, and simulation, consisting in playing the role of manager of sports teams.

As a Manager, you must manage all aspects of a club leader:

  • Buying Players,
  • Resale of players,
  • Composition of teams etc..

The objective is therefore naturally to have the best players, and to compose the best possible teams, in order to win competitions and tournaments to win rewards.

Fantasy is therefore quite similar to the world of sports betting, but it adds an aspect game which makes Fantasy much more fun to play. Fantasy is becoming more and more popular for this reason. Finally, playing a fantasy game gives sports fans even more emotions when watching the games and their players.

But concretely, how does it work?

A game based on real player performance

In fantasy games, team and player scores are based on the players' actual performance in their match. Thus, the more your players perform, the higher your team's score will be. It's as simple as that ! But it is therefore recommended to be a good connoisseur of his sport, his teams, and players, to be able to perform on a fantasy game.


Play with player cards in NFT

Unlike traditional fantasy games where you have to select players to build your team according to a predefined budget, allows you to buy, resell, and collect player cards in NFT (non-fungible token). Indeed, the Sorare platform uses blockchain technology linked to crypto-currencies to reinvent fantasy! But what is an NFT?

Concretely, an NFT is a non-fungible token, that is to say that it is unique, that you can be the sole owner and sole holder of it, this being proven and secured transparently on the blockchain.

Introducing NFT Player Cards

Sorare therefore relies on blockchain technology and NFTs to develop its fantasy football game.

But concretely what does this bring?

  1. Player cards are limited edition,
  2. You can buy, resell and trade your cards,
  3. Card history is recorded and publicly visible,
  4. You can use your NFT cards on other sites and games etc.

Thus, unlike other football fantasy apps, it is not possible on Sorare for millions of players to use the same stars and great players like Neymar, M'Bappe or Ronaldo for the simple reason that they are available in limited edition.

The scarcity of players on Sorare, and our ownership over them, is the great asset and advantage of this fantasy football platform compared to its competitors.

And this is how the fantasy football game Sorare looks like a mix between the management and simulation game Football Manager and sports betting.

Above all, owning a rare player on this fantasy football game Sorare means accessing its ecosystem and economic market where you can buy, resell and trade player cards in NFT.

The purchase & resale of players on Sorare

Player cards on Sorare are NFTs (non-fungible token). This therefore has the consequence that as the owner you can do with it what you want. And among the main attributes conferred by a title deed, there is the possibility of selling your property.

This is the main interest and advantage of the Sorare fantasy game where it is possible to buy, resell, and exchange NFT player cards between manager and user. We therefore present below the ecosystem and economic market on Sorare with its specificities and particularities.

The ecosystem and economic market for NFTs cards in Sorare

The economic market on Sorare is relatively simple:

  1. New player cards are auctioned daily in the primary market,
  2. And team managers and collectors can resell them on a secondary market.

The difference between the two markets on Sorare to buy NFTs football player cards is that:

  1. Purchases and sales on the primary market come back to the Sorare platform and prices are set by the players via the principle of real-time auctions,
  2. While the secondary market has prices set by managers and users, and Sorare here takes no commission or fees on purchases and sales.

Regarding the secondary market for NFTs cards, it operates on a principle of listing, offering and negotiation. Indeed, managers wishing to sell a player must list their card on the secondary resale market with a fixed price in ethereum ETH and in euros.

Once the player has been placed on the transfer list with a displayed price, other users and managers on Sorare can then either:

  1. Buy the player card directly,
  2. Or send a cheaper offer to the seller who can then accept or decline.

Finally, it is possible to register your Discord account on Sorare to be able to contact each other to discuss and directly negotiate the price of the players.

Sorare is therefore much more than an NFT collection platform dedicated to sport and football. Because it's a fantasy game first and foremost. And having the best player cards will allow you to win tournament prizes and rewards.


Tournaments & rewards on Sorare

You have now understood if you have followed our previous articles in this tutorial and presentation guide, Sorare is not just a simple platform for collecting football player cards in NFT. But Sorare is above all a real fantasy football game!

As a fantasy football game, Sorare therefore regularly organizes tournaments for its players.

The SO5 competitions on Sorare take place twice a week, these two Game Weeks being distributed as follows:

  1. A game week on the weekend from Friday 10 a.m. to Tuesday 10 a.m.,
  2. And a weekday game week from Tuesday 10 a.m. to Friday 10 a.m.

Thus, it is possible to participate twice a week in fancy football competitions and tournaments in Sorare with its players.

The objective is to compose the best possible teams according to the matches and real performances of the players that we have in our club.

Because for each tournament, many prizes and rewards are to be won!

Indeed, it is possible to win player cards, but also real money in ethereum ETH.


Can we play the fantasy game Sorare for free?

Yes, it is quite possible to play Sorare for free without spending a single euro or ethereum ETH. To do this, simply register on the site, then give your 3 favorite football clubs, in order to receive around ten player cards. Commons » 100% free.

This is why I explain to you in the Sorare tutorial for beginners the interest of choosing your strategies in a very 3 favorite clubs »When you register.

Now that you hold ten Sorare player cards “ Commons“, you can participate in a 100% free competition on Sorare.

This tournament is called the Starter Rookie League" page (in French).

And it happens twice a week. But above all, you can win rare player cards that can be worth a lot of money!

In summary, you have absolutely no risk and nothing to lose by trying the fantasy football game Sorare for free, but on the contrary, you can win big!

Before registering, remember to take advantage of the Sorare referral link to win a free player card after winning 5 auctions!