All about the fantasy football game Sorare is a fantasy game multisports which offers the possibility of playing fantasy basketball in fantasy baseball, and fantasy football. So if you want to know how the football fanatic game created by Sorare works, you are in the right place on this article! Find out now everything you need to know to play the Sorare fantasy football game.

What is the SORARE fantasy football game?

The fantasy football game created by Sorare allows you to take on the role of manager of football teams. That is to say, you must:

  • buy, resell, and trade players to build your roster, 
  • compose your football teams to play in online competitions against other players/managers. 

The objective of the game is therefore to create the best possible teams in order to finish as high as possible in the tournaments organized by Sorare and thus win rewards and prizes.


Sorare football player cards in NFT

In order to play the Sorare fantasy football game, you must therefore build a roster of players to compose your teams. The specificity offered by Sorare is that these player cards are NFT (non-fungible token) based on blockchain technology. That is, they are unique and you own them. You can therefore sell them on the Sorare platform, but also on other NFT buy/sell platforms such as OpenSea for example.

Presentation of the different rarities available on Sorare

Discover below the different rarities available on the game of Fantasy Football Sorare:


Menu " Limited »Sorare

1000 copies max. by season


Menu " Rare »Sorare

100 copies max. by season


Menu " Super rare »Sorare

10 copies max. by season


Menu " Only »Sorare

1 copy per season


How to compose your football teams?

The Sorare fantasy football game is based on the principle of SO5. That is to say that you must compose a team of 5 players:

  1. Un goalkeeper (GB) in 1st position,
  2. Un defender (DEF) in 2nd position,
  3. Un middle (MIL) in 3nd position,
  4. Un attacker (ATT) in 4nd position,
  5. Un substitute (EXTRA) in 5th position who can be either a defender (DEF), a midfielder (MIL), or an attacker (ATT).

Example of a SO5 Football team composition on the fantasy game Sorare


Tournaments & rewards on Sorare

On the fantasy football game Sorare, it is possible to have your teams play in different competitions to choose from, and under certain conditions. In order to see more clearly for beginners, you will find below the list of the different leagues and divisions on Sorare as well as their presentation, rule, and access condition.

Presentation of fantasy football competitions on Sorare

On the fantasy football game SORARE you can play in different competitions. Some tournaments are called "global" because it is possible to play with any players. While other competitions are called "regional" because only players from certain championships are allowed.

Global fantasy football tournaments on Sorare

  • All Star League: in this competition, all players are allowed without any restrictions
  • Under U23 League: in this tournament it is only possible to play with players under the age of 23

Regional fantasy football competitions in Sorare

  • European Champion: this competition is open to players from the 5 biggest football leagues in Europe (Premier League in England, La Liga in Spain, Bundesliga in Germany, Serie A in Italy, and Ligue 1 in France)
  • European Challenger: this tournament is playable with all the players of the European championships except the 5 biggest championships of the European Champion. We therefore find the Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Belgian, Scottish, Turkish, Danish football championships etc. 
  • American Champion: this competition is reserved for players from the American championships in the United States (MLS), Argentina (Superliga), Brazil (Serie A), Peru (Primera Division), or Mexico (MX)
  • Asian Champion: this tournament is reserved for players from the Asian championships in Japan (J1 League), South Korea (K League) and China (Chinese Super League)

Presentation of the different SO5 divisions in Sorare

Depending on the rarity of your players, you have access to different divisions within each league and competition on Sorare. Discover here the conditions of access within each SO5 division on Sorare :

  • Division 5: only reserved for player cards in edition " Limited »;
  • Division 4: for “Rare” player cards + 1 “Common” player card authorized;
  • Division 3: Rare player cards allowed + 2 “Super Rare” player cards maximum;
  • Division 2: for “Super Rare” player cards + 1 authorized “Rare” player card;
  • Division 1: competition for holders of "Unique" + 2 "Super Rare" authorized player cards.


Why Sorare is the best Fantasy Football game?

There are many reasons why the SORARE fantasy football game is unique, but here are the main ones.

An international fantasy football game with the greatest variety

Above all, the SORARE platform offers the widest variety of choices in the world of fantasy football games with several hundred clubs, and several dozen application partner leagues. Thus, you have the opportunity to play fantasy football in European, American, Asian etc. championships. SORARE offers the widest variety of leagues, clubs, and players in the fantasy gaming industry.

A fantasy football game based on NFT technology

Indeed, unlike other fantasy games on the market, SORARE allows you to play with cards of professional football players in NFT version. This means that SORARE's NFT cards have proven rarity (limited and fixed edition of cards per player). And that you actually own it thanks to blockchain technology. It is thus possible to buy, resell, and exchange NFT player cards between managers in complete freedom!