The Sorare NBA Fantasy Basketball Game

Sorare is a fantasy sports platformer on which it is possible to play a fantasy soccer game, fantasy baseball game called Sorare MLB, and to a Sorare NBA fantasy basketball game. So if it's the fantasy basketball game that interests you, and you want to know how to play it, you've come to the right place!

How to create and compose your NBA teams?

To play the fantasy basketball game Sorare, you must first have a roster of players to compose your teams. Know that you can play for free with cards " commons » in gray color, or with NBA cards in NFT that you can buy at auction or from other managers on the SORARE marketplace.

To play fantasy competitions, you must compose teams of 5 players. It is possible to field players from any position on the field. But you must respect a maximum number of points per team:

  • 110 points maximum in “Contender” tournaments,
  • 120 points maximum in “Champion” tournaments.

How is the maximum number of points per team calculated?

Each player has a number of points calculated on the average of his last 10 matches. Thus, the score of each player represents his average of points on the game of Fantasy NBA Sorare during these last 10 games played.

When do the competitions take place on Sorare NBA?

The Sorare NBA fantasy game hosts tournaments between managers twice a week. Each " Gameweek » lasts 3 or 4 players and takes place from Monday to Thursday, and from Friday to Sunday.


Introducing NBA Player Cards in NFT

As with fantasy football or baseball games, the SORARE NBA fantasy basketball game allows you to play with different types of professional player cards available in NFT. Specifically, there are 5 varieties of NBA player cards. And each has a different rarity system, and allows you to play in different types of tournaments.

Rarity Name Number of cards per season Map color
common Unlimited Grey
Limited 5 000 Yellow
Rare 1 000 Red
Super rare 100 Blue
Only 1 Black

The players' cards common are the only cards that are not NFTs. They cannot be bought, sold, or exchanged. These cards are offered to you when you register for SORARE NBA and allow you to play in free competitions for beginners. The cards " limited"," rare ", « super rare", And" unique " can be bought, sold, and exchanged, but also win during competitions organized on SORARE.

What are the elements visible on the maps?

On each player card you will find the following elements and information:

  • Photo of professional basketball player,
  • Player name,
  • Position on the field,
  • Season during which the card was published,
  • NFT card serial number,
  • Logo of the team in which the player plays.


About Tournaments & Rewards on SORARE NBA

The Sorare NBA fantasy basketball game allows you to play with its NFT player cards in different competitions and tournaments in order to win rewards and prizes. We will therefore present here the different competitions available.

Sorare NBA Fantasy Basketball Tournaments

On the Sorare NBA fantasy basketball game, there are different competitions by NFT card rarity (common, limited, rare, super rare and unique). But also different tournaments within each of these rarities.

Contender Fantasy Basketball Competitions

Fantasy Basketball Tournaments contend allow you to earn cards of the same rarity as rewards. So, if you play with “limited” NBA player cards, you can win other “limited” NFT cards depending on your result and ranking.

To be able to play in this competition, it is necessary to compose a team of 5 players with a maximum number of points of 110.

“Champion” Fantasy Basketball Competitions

Fantasy Basketball Tournaments champ » allow you to earn NFT player cards of the higher rarity. So, for example, if you play with "limited" NBA player cards, you can win "rare" player cards, and if you play with "rare" cards, you can win "super rare" cards etc. .

To be able to play in this tournament, the maximum number of points for his team is 120 points, but you have an MVP player for whom these points will not be counted in this score.