The SORARE MLB Fantasy Baseball Game

SORARE is a fantasy sports platformer with NFT cards which was created in 2018. At first, the site only offered a fancy game with official cards of football players. Then in the summer of 2022 a new sport appeared, baseball. This new game mode is called SORARE MLB in reference to Major League Baseball which is the professional baseball championship in the USA.

How does the SORARE MLB game work?

SORARE MLB is a free game, and a “play to earn”, fantasy baseball, based on official cards of baseball players in NFT.

  1. Buy and sell official MLB (Major League Baseball) baseball player cards in NFT,
  2. Create and manage teams with your MLB baseball player cards in the various SORARE tournaments,
  3. Depending on the real performance of your players during their match, your teams achieve a certain number of points,
  4. Earn rewards in NFT cards or real money depending on the final ranking of your teams etc.


How to start on the SORARE MLB game?

To start your adventure on the game Play to Earn SORARE MLB, you must first register on the website

You will then have to choose your first baseball player NFT cards in version “common” from a selection offered to you. Once your selection is made, you will then have 12 baseball players for free to start your collection, create your teams, participate in the bi-weekly tournaments organized by SORARE, and thus try to win your first rewards in NFT cards or real money. (euro, dollar, ethereum ETH etc.).

At the beginning, all SORARE MLB players have the same collection of players by position, namely:

  • 4 starting pitchers,
  • 2 relief pitchers,
  • 2 corner infielders,
  • 2 middle infielders,
  • 2 toolers.


MLB Baseball Player Cards in NFT

On the fantasy baseball game developed by SORARE, there are 5 different rarities of NFT cards:

Rarity Name Number of cards issued per season Card color
common unlimited number Grey
limited 5 cards per season per player yellow
rare 1 cards per season per player Red
super rare 100 cards per season per player Blue
unique 1 card per season and per player Black

Depending on the rarity of the NFT cards, it is possible to participate in different tournaments organized by the fantasy baseball platform SORARE MLB. So, for example, if you buy player cards in version “limited”, you will be able to participate in the tournaments for the cards and the teams of players “limited”, and thus win other cards “limited”. The same if you build your team in map "rare", "super rare", or "unique", you will be able to play tournaments organized in this type of rarity, and win the same type and rarity of cards.

  • The photo of the professional baseball player,
  • The logo of the baseball team in which he day,
  • The name and surname of the player,
  • The position and position of the player on the field,
  • The season during which the player's card was issued,
  • The serial number of the NFT card.


The purchase/sale of player cards

Buying official NFT cards of professional baseball players from the MLB (Major League Baseball) playing in the United States of America championship is very simple. And it is possible to get it on two different markets:

  1. On the main auction market via the Sorare marketplace,
  2. On the secondary market with Sorare managers.

Let's discover together and in more detail these different ways to acquire MLB NFT cards to make your baseball teams on SORARE.

Buy new MLB cards auctioned by SORARE

Every day, the SORARE platform edits and creates new NFT digital cards of professional MLB baseball players. This process is more specifically called the mint » NFT cards. Thus, it is possible to acquire new cards " mints » by SORARE at any time on its platform. But how to buy these MLB cards? It is very simple :

  1. Go to the SORARE MLB marketplace by going to the "Market" tab then "New cards on sale",
  2. Use the search filters on the left menu to find the type of MLB cards you are interested in,
  3. Once your NFT card has been selected, all you have to do is click on the "bid" button to place your bid,
  4. A Pop-Up window will then ask you to choose between payment by credit card or in Ethereum ETH,
  5. Once your bid has been made, all you have to do is wait for the end of the sale and be the highest bidder to acquire the card!

Acquire cards directly from SORARE managers

On the fantasy sports platform SORARE, managers can buy NFT cards at auction, but also resell them or acquire them directly from other managers! This is called the " secondary market on SORARE while bidding on new cards printed by SORARE is called the " primary market“. But how do you buy one of his cards directly from a manager? It's easy :

  1. Go to the secondary market by clicking on “ Market "And then" Resales",
  2. Use the filters in the menu on the left to search for the MLB player you are interested in,
  3. Once your player is found, all you have to do is click on the " the purchase "!

How do I find an MLB card with search filters?

In order to help you build the baseball team of your dreams, there is a search bar and an advanced filter system. Let’s discover its features and filters together:

  • Scarcity : choose the rarity you are interested in here (limited, rare, super rare, unique)
  • Position: select players by their position on the pitch
  • Price: filter players on sale based on their minimum and maximum price
  • Card level: search for players by XP level
  • Card number : if you want a card number this is the filter for you
  • Crew : to search for a player from a specific baseball team
  • Player : to choose a specific player by name
  • Age: to filter players by age
  • Average rating during the season
  • Average rating over the last 15 matches


How to play MLB fantasy baseball game?

Would you like to know how we can play SORARE MLB? So follow our guide in this article. We will detail all the information you need to know before you start playing SORARE MLB.

How to compose your baseball team?

To play the Fantasy Sport SORARE MLB game, you must compose a baseball team made up of 7 player cards. Among these 7 NFT player cards, it is necessary to fill your roster with these cards:

  1. Starting Picther,
  2. Relief Pitcher,
  3. Corner Infielder (1G, 3B, or DH),
  4. Middle Infielder (2B, SS, or C),
  5. Outfielder,
  6. Extra Hitter
  7. Flex (any position and player).

Namely, it is possible to use a player card only once per team, and per game week.