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The website to know everything & start on the n°1 fantasy sports game!

SORARE: the #1 fantasy sports game on the internet! is a platform of fantasy sports game created in 2018 based on the technology of the blockchain and NFT (non-fungible tokens). It is thus possible to collect official cards of professional players in various sports such as Football or the baseball. But also to play with in a « free-to-play » et « play to earn »

Play for free to win real money!

Registering on SORARE is completely free. In addition, you will get for free when you register soccer, baseball player cards etc to make your first teams and participate in tournaments every week. You will be able to win digital cards in NFT, or even real money in Ethereum ETH, US Dollar, and Euro. The SORARE platform is therefore a fantasy game mode “Free-to-Play” but also a type game “Play to Earn”

What is Sorare? Find out with our Sorare Tutorial!

Are you a beginner on Sorare? So find out everything you need to know about the fantasy football platform with our tutorials and guide. 

Collection of NFTs cards
Purchase / Resale & Trading
Football fantasy game
Cash rewards
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About the website:

Created by a Sorare player and enthusiast in August 2021, the website is a guide for future and new players to help them start their new Sorare adventure! 

Guide, Tips & Strategies for Playing Fantasy Football Sorare

How to optimize your investment and start of the Sorare adventure? How to compose your team? How to make money and be profitable? As many questions as all players are asked about the Sorare fantasy football game. So browse our guide to see more clearly!

How to get started on Sorare?
How to compose your SO5 team?
How to earn money on Sorare?

Everything you need to know before investing money on the Sorare game

Before being a fantasy football game, Sorare is a speculative investment platform on NFT football player cards. The site uses the Ethereum ETH cryptocurrency to buy and sell Ether players. 

The best banks for Sorare
The currency of the game: ethereum ETH
The best trading platforms

My tips & good addresses for Sorare players

Playing Sorare is not just about buying and reselling NFT football player cards. Not just fantasy football. Sorare is primarily aimed at fans, supporters and football enthusiasts. But also to investors and gamblers. 

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